Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants Website
I developed the Schooley Mitchell website. This was a re-design of the website with all dynamic (PHP) pages. Each Consultant has their own "splash page" that they have control over. They log in and make updates to their page where they send it to head office to be approved.

Schooley Mitchell's Annual Conference Website
Every year Schooley Mitchell has a conference. This website gives information about the conference as well as areas that someone who is going to attend the conference can register. I developed this website using HTML and CSS.

Freelance Website
This is a freelance website that I designed and developed for a horse farm. I used XHTML and CSS to create the website. Unfortunately due to changes at the farm, the actual website is no longer active.

Javascript Slideshow
For a class one year we had to do a slideshow using Javascript. This is for a horse-farm where you can skip to the next image and the picture/comment changes, or you can press play and it will go through the images automatically.

Photo Gallery
A photo gallery of photography, 3D and graphic design work.