Web Development:
At the beginning I learned how to hand-code simple HTML websites using a text editor. Now I can create websites using XHTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. Please see the work section for examples. I can create databases using mySQL so a website can be dynamically driven using PHP. I have edited open-source applications to meet the needs for a website, for example: image uploads, website searches, etc. I have previously developed online and standalone applications using the Flash platform (Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0) and have developed rich internet applications in Flash and Flex 3. I can integrate PHP with XML and bring it into Flash, using Actionscript 3.0 to develop a dynamically driven internet application.

I know how to create videos by video-taping and editing them using Adobe Premiere. I can use Adobe After Effects to edit video and add a range of post-production effects. I have taken a video in a mpg format and converted it into an flv to get it ready for online use.

I have 2 years of 3D experience with 3D Max and Cinema 4D. I have created characters and objects and can animate them. Once I create a character using 3D Max I can then import it into ZBrush and add details to the character. I can add wrinkles to their clothes and face, add different effects to make them more realistic as well as add colour. I can use a Motion Capture system where I can take the data from a Motion Capture file, import it into 3D Max and apply it to a 3D character.

DVD authoring is something we learned where I can create a dvd interface, connect videos to that and burn it so someone else can use the dvd on their dvd player and it work like a real dvd.

I am proficient in both Windows and Mac OS.