Activities: Reading (if I have a good book and time), Cleaning, Yoga
Favourite Sports: Softball and Horseback Riding

About the Sports:

I have been playing Softball for almost 11 years now. For 2 summers I decided to get more into horseback riding so I stopped playing. During my first year my coach had me start pitching, and I've loved that position ever since. After those 2 summers I realized how much I missed it, so I started playing again. I plan to continue in women's leagues for a long time. Other than pitching I love to play 1st base, which I seem to be good at because I'm really tall so I can stretch to catch the ball.

An all year round sport that I like to do is horseback riding. I have been riding for almost 10 years with a bit of time off because of school. Right now I am not riding but hope to get back into it once I've established a career. My plan is to free-lease a horse for a year before I own. Free-leasing is when you take over a horse and the expenses for a certain amount of time, without actually owning the horse.